Email Extract FAQ

How email extractor works

Email extractor is a browser extension that works in Chrome and Edge browsers. It also works on other Chromium browsers such as Brave. Email extractor can extract emails from the search engine result page (SERP). You should craft a targeted query such as " marketing agency". The extension records all emails found on this search web page. The extension also provides the "Auto Search" feature that clicks on the "Next" button on the search results page.

How to install

Install from Chrome Web Store

Go to Email extract page on Chrome Webstore. Click the install button.

Install from Edge Addons

Go to Edge addons page and click the install button.

How email exttractor works

Extract emails from visited pages

While you surfing web the extension saves every email that you encounter on web pages. To access the collected emails, click toolbar icons and press "Collected emails" button.

Extract emails from search engines

  1. Search some keyword like influencer ""
  2. Enable Auto Search feature that automatically navigates to the next page of search results
  3. Find collected leads in "Collected emails" section of the extension
Check out the video

Export to Excel

You can find "Download Excel" button in the Collected emails section of the extension.


Free version limitations

You can download only the 50 last emails. All other features are enabled.

Premium version

No limits


$19 per month + taxes

How to upgrade

  • Open "Collected emails" section of the extension
  • Login with your Google account
  • Purchase the licence
  • The licence will be active in a couple of minutes
  • Any trouble? Contact support via email [email protected]

Refund policy

Please try the extension before purchase. We don't refund payments.

How to cancel the subscription

Contact support via email [email protected]